Welcome to the BOCSH Group.

The BOCSH Group is a consortium of senior curriculum managers (and recent former senior managers) drawn from approximately half of the thirty-two Scottish Local Authorities, working in association with colleagues from certain national bodies.

The BOSCH Group aims to:
• Encourage and support a “coalition of the willing” to provide exemplar material to support local authorities, schools, curricular leaders and teachers engaged in implementing Curriculum for Excellence.
• Develop and highlight good practice in leading and managing whole-authority and whole-school approaches to Curriculum for Excellence.
• Provide a strategic view of the key actions which should be carried out by schools in implementing both the BGE phase and Senior Phase of Curriculum for Excellence.
• Provide insight into key strategic aspects of Curriculum for Excellence such as learning and teaching, assessment and profiling, curriculum design, timetabling, staffing, (personal) support and interdisciplinary learning.
• Develop on-line and textual support materials to underpin development of these key aspects.